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17. Minskat matsvinn har sparat 10 000 ton CO2e sedan start

The key difference between CO 2 and CO 2e is that CO2 is a gaseous compound whereas CO2e is a measure of the greenhouse effect. Carbon dioxide was the first gas to be described as a discrete substance. In about 1640, the Flemish chemist Jan Baptist van Helmont observed that when he burned charcoal in a closed vessel, the mass of the resulting ash was much less than that of the original charcoal. Charts and tables in this Emissions section of our website convert all greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions into CO 2 equivalents so they can be compared.. Each greenhouse gas (GHG) has a different global warming potential (GWP) and persists for a different length of time in the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide emissions are the primary driver of global climate change.

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1. 21. 310 . Diesel Equipment. 1 kg/gal. 10.15.

Climate impact of metal-casting - Life Effige

Köttfärs 16 kg CO2e/ 50 procent nöt 50 procent fläsk. Chark 7 kg CO2e/ kg falukorv 40 procent kött. Fisk och skaldjur 3 kg CO2e/ kg skaldjur. Ägg 2 kg CO2e/ kg.


SAFENCE BL-4-C - Blue Systems


Pounds of CO2e per Serving. Household Emissions. For each kilowatt  Source. Units. CO2. CH4. N2O. CO2E/CO2.


Räkna på hur mycket du kan reducera din växthusgasutsläpp  Vår nya CO2e-märkning hjälper dig till grönare menyer. I ett första steg provar vi märkningen på ca 1000 artiklar. Vi vet att många av våra kunder vill servera mer  r kg. Whole milk Sweden, 3.0 % fat. Climate Footprint of 1.28 kg CO2e per kg. Carbon dioxide.
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It’s widely recognised that to avoid the worst impacts of climate change, the world needs to urgently reduce emissions. But, how this responsibility is shared between regions, countries, and individuals has been an endless point of contention in international discussions. A calculator that allows users to translate abstract greenhouse gas amounts into concrete terms that are easy to understand. I just learned that in 2005 the average coal-fired power plant in the US emitted 4,643,734 metric tons of CO2 (epa.gov).

CO2 %. CO2e avoided. CO2 tons / $. 1 Aug 2018 tableau://transtat.sfmta.com/t/public/views/Goal3Dashboards/3_4_2Dashboard?: embed=y&:display_count=no  9 Mar 2021 CO2e means "Carbon Dioxide equivalent".
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Bolaget Allwin, i samarbete med Samhall, transporterar  Beräkningarna omfattar utsläpp av koldioxid, metan och dikväveoxid och redovisas i koldioxidekvivalenter (CO2e) per person. Utsläpp från elanvändningen  innehåller 5 - <50 ton CO2e; minst en gång var 6:e månad om utrustning (aggregat) innehåller 50 - <500 ton CO2e; minst en gång var 3:e månad om utrustning  Idag baseras intervallen för läckagekontroll på CO2e (koldioxidekvivalenter) istället för på kilo köldmedia som tidigare.