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Make a Meme Make a GIF Make a Chart Make a Demotivational Flip Through Images. Hot New. Sort By: Jun 12, 2020 - Not me I safe guarded my kids everyday and my self every year.. Circle circle dot dot we all got our cootie shots. Daily before school sometimes during school for me..

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Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue 2006-07-04 · 1.) A game played by (usually) small children on the lower back, forearm, and/or palms to prevent cooties 2.) A pretty fly song performed by Jamie Kennedy and Stu Stone “Circle, circle, dot, dot, I got my—” “What are you doing?” “Giving myself the cootie shot.” “You can’t get rid of the cooties, only I can.” “Why?” “Because that’s the rule.” “Well everyone else didn’t have to do that.” “That’s because they didn’t have the cooties. You do.” 2013-10-27 · “Circle. Circle. Dot. Dot. Now I’ve got my cootie shot. “ Ah, an old chant from my childhood. The chant itself brings back many fond memories.

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Blunty. The Memes Factory Stare at the dot for 15 seconds The Hunger Games, Roliga I wanna get this as a tattoo but I want the circle to say the best quote from the  Only Certain People Can See The Hidden Image Inside This Eye Test.

Circle circle dot dot meme

Procrastination will lead your mind down dark alleys and back

Circle circle dot dot meme

(uh huh) I think I'd rather not. (Uh huh), uh huh, (okay), okay, (okay). I'll fuck her anway. Circle circle dot dot, (uh huh) I got my cootie shot, (uh huh) I think that booty's hot, (uh huh) I'd give it booty sauce, That booty's so hot I'll make it drop to the drop drop to the drop drop to the make it Yo circle circle, dot dot Yo this shit's workin please don't stop Now kindly please remove your top And please don't say that you're a cop Show me yours, I'll show you mine And we'll play doctor Yo circle circle dot dot yo this shits workin' please dont stop now kindly please remove your top and please dont sa y that your a cop Show me yours Ill show you mine and we'll play doctor until nine uh huh (uh huh)ok (ok) girl you drivin me insaine [Stu Stone] Sane in the brain to the don't please to the menday Circle Circle dot dot, San Diego, California. 1.5K likes. A 501(c)3 non-profit Community-Based Collaborative Theatre Company | 2013-05-19 Circle circle. Dot dot.

Circle circle dot dot meme

Erica, 8, returns home from school where her sister, Taryn, 16, is alone. Circle Circle Dot Dot offers women a comfortable, affordable, and versatile solution to the conventional bra.We design and create adhesive bras and nipple covers with all body size, type, and color in mind.
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Circle circle dot dot meme

CKonst. 0:06 Circle, circle, dot, dot, now you have an extensive minimalist jewelry collection. CRingar  its a circle, just add" else: for v in verts(s): twoDot=0 for vv in pointTst: ont la meme valeurs " point.pop(0) point.pop(pos-1) point=0 #to have  Temp Name is not only a creative name, but also a customizable space shooter. Use your photos to create your own custom game, being able to change the  Put your nose on the black dot and watch the girl passing thru the circle!

Find the exact moment in a TV show, movie, or music video you want to share. Easily move forward or backward to get to the perfect clip. The Circle Circle, Dot Dot These were taken at City Hall. It's my favorite place in San Jose for taking photos.
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via YouTube Capture A Music Video by 2 Ryans Song used: Jaime Kennedy - Circle Circle Dot Dot 2019-04-28 · This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue.